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Committee members for 2018 are:-
Chair - Mike Thackery (Elected)
Secretary - Eleanor Shakespeare (Elected)
Treasurer - Matthew Bates (Elected)
Rob Butler (Elected)
Tania Sketchley (Elected)

Jenny Sample (WI Representative)
Sue Phipps (Arts Society Representative)
Teresa Bosley (School Representative)
Peter Collyer (Parish Council Representative)

Bookings for the Coronation Hall can be made through Journeys à la Carte on 01889 567755 or email Bernadette at

Coronation Hall Donations
The Coronation Hall Committee have recently received two very generous
donations, the first in memory of Alan Buckley “Bucko”, and a second in memory of Doris Goodall, the Committee would like to thank both Families for their kind donations which will be put towards suitable investments for the hall.

Background Information for Public Village Meeting and Ballot - Coronation Hall
It is well known that the structure of the hall has a limited lifespan and continues to deteriorate despite large sums having been spent in the past to effect repairs. In addition, the facility is no longer fit for the school to use; depriving pupils of additional facilities and significantly reducing the income needed to sustain the hall.
At present the hall is totally reliant on fundraising and donations as it fails to generate enough income for the upkeep.
In order to guarantee sustainability of a suitable community facility in the future for use by all the village organisations, school and the wider community the management committee have held discussions with rural agencies, the Charity Commission and specialist solicitors to establish a viable path forwards. After much consideration the management committee felt the best course of action was to revisit the proposal by Radmore which would gift a new village hall and car park in exchange for the current car park.
The outcome from the previous vote showed that a significant majority were in favour of this proposal. The management committee is bound by its constitution to work for the benefit of the community as a whole. With this in mind the management committee, with agreement from the Charity Commission, applied to amend the Coronation Hall constitution.
The Charity Commission agreed ‘
Under section 198 of the Charities Act 2011 to the amendment of the wording of the Charities existing letting or Sale clause, from three quarters to the majority as the only amendment’
This brings the constitution in line with standard voting policy of which we are all familiar.
The management committee remain committed to working hard towards the ongoing success of the Village hall and its support to the Community, it sees this proposal as a once in a lifetime offer that will benefit this and many generations for the future.
In order to remain an active and vibrant village community, the safe and fit-for-purpose facilities that this proposal will deliver are essential.
Only people aged 18 years or over and living in the parish of Marston Montgomery are eligible to vote so please be sure to bring along proof of address to the meeting/vote if you wish to participate.

New Village Hall Proposed Architects Drawing

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