Marston Montgomery Coronation Hall

Hire Charges for the Village Hall
Village users weekly bookings = £11.00 per hour
Village users other bookings = £12.00 per hour
Non village users = £14.00 per hour

If you wish to book the hall or make an enquiry, please contact Matt Bates as below:
Tel: 07970 544705

Village Hall - Can you help?
As you are all aware the development of the new Village hall is underway and we all look
forward to a time when it's completed and COVID restrictions allow us to use it!
As part of the development of the new village hall, where possible, the management committee
would like to provide a hall that delivers an exceptional facility for the community with
equipment to enhance meetings and functions. This could be new furniture, staging for school
or other performances, kitchen equipment and perhaps appropriate sports equipment for clubs
to use, the intention is to provide a facility that will attract greater use and be a hub for
increased community engagement. We would also like to try to deliver all this with a hall that is
as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.
As you can imagine, hall funds are limited and the current COVID-19 pandemic has not helped
as we have not been able to hire out the hall since March 2020. Our normal limited hire revenue
is also supplemented significantly by other fundraising activities which again have not been
able to take place.
In order that we get as close to our aims as possible we would like to hear from you if you are
aware of any suitable funding sources or grants you may be aware of that we could apply to,
maybe these are through organisations you have worked with now or in the past or groups or
individuals you may have heard of through your social interactions.We are of course already
looking at grants and funding options through our own research but if anyone else has any
suggestions these would be very greatly received. Should you have any suggestions that you
wish to discuss or questions, please contact either Mike or Matt on the details below:

Mike Thackery (Chair) Matt Bates (Treasurer)
Email: Email:

Committee members for 2021 are:-

Chair - Mike Thackery (Elected)
Treasurer - Matthew Bates (Elected)
Clare Williams (Elected)
Ian Sharlot (Elected)
Tania Sketchley (WI Representative)
Sue Phipps (Arts Society Representative)
Teresa Bosley (School Representative)
Peter Collyer (Parish Council Representative)

Chairman's Report for 2020 can be found here : -

Treasurers Report for 2020 can be found here : -

Village Hall - Reopening
We would like to make you aware that the committee are continuing to make plans to open
the hall once again. This re-opening will be in line with the latest government guidance and
will mean some additional measures that need to be taken for hirers.
The earliest we plan to be available for use is July 19th, subject to confirmation of the
government roadmap for the changes in restrictions.
If you wish to book the hall or make an enquiry, please contact Matt Bates as below:
Tel: 07970 544705
We will continue to keep you updated as guidance changes