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Tribute to Michael Woodhead

Marston Montgomery Gazette
Following the sad death of Michael Woodhead, founder of the Gazette,
we plan to have a tribute to him in the next issue due out on 1st June.
It would be nice to include some memories of interactions that you had
with Michael over the years, so please send your snippets to me by any
means (phone, text, email, note through the letterbox).

The original plan for this issue was focussed on the Anniversary of DDay
(6 June 1944) and 75th Anniversary of VE Day (8 May 1945) and we
have an article in place for that, but I would still like to add some more
memory snippets of those events, including what your parents told you
of the days and your own memories of 25th, or 50th, anniversary
celebrations. An opportunity to use some ‘lockdown’ time and
contribute to the village narrative, so get thinking and send me some
Rob Sample
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