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Village Hall Lotto

The Village Hall lotto is running once again in 2022 and will run from April 2022 through to
March 2023.
Tickets are priced at  £20 each and entitle you to entry in each monthly draw. There is no limit on the number of tickets an individual can purchase. There are only 100 tickets available, don't hesitate, buy them quick!
There will again be 12 monthly draws, each having 3 prizes of  25 each. The exception will be the December draw where prizes will be  100,  50 &  25.
Winning numbers will be published in the village newsletter each month.
Where possible we would like to reduce the handling of paperwork and cash and would therefore like entries and payments sent electronically.
If you would like to support the hall in its vital fundraising efforts and would like to participate in the lotto please can you email your details as follows:
Contact Number:
Email Address:
Preferred Lotto number (if available):

Please email the above details to the promotor & administrator:-
Matthew Bates at