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Police Cutbacks

With the cutbacks in the number of Police Stationed in Ashbourne these days it is important that NHW groups are active in the Villages around - to ensure this is coordinated effectively it is planned to hold a meeting in Ashbourne on Thursday 4th October. For those interested in attending & for more details contact: Allan Humphries on 01889 590975 -

Newsletter Spring 2018


Intro from Alan Humphries

It would be an ideal time to kick start Neighbour Watch throughout the village, if you are interested in setting up a communication network either by telephone or email so we can pass on to each other anything strange going on in any part of the village and surrounding areas – such as door to door sellers, parked cars, cyclists, walkers etc.  Please give me a ring on 01889 590975 or email on
Allan Humphries

Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines
Social Media Guidelines from the Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch.

Fraudsters Be Aware!!!

There has been a recent series of incidents whereby fraudsters either phone or attend the home address of elderly members of the public, claiming to be police officers.

The fake officer/s will claim that they are investigating a fraud which they believe the elderly person to be a victim of. The fake officer/s will then request the bank cards and personal identification numbers (PIN) of the victim and claim these are needed for investigation purposes. If the first contact was made by a phone call, the fake officer/s will tell the victim that someone will be over to collect the evidence. In one case the victim was instructed to attend their local bank and withdraw all of the money from their account. The suspect was left alone in the victim’s house whilst the victim carried out the instructions.
Protect Yourself
• Before letting anyone into your home who claims to be from any law enforcement agency, ask to see their identity card and check it by calling 101.
• Ask if they can attend at a pre-arranged time when a family member or friend can also be present.
• If you receive a phone call from a police officer,  ask for their name and force and tell them you will call them back. Wait a few minutes and then use 101 to call them back through their force’s switchboard and verify their identity.
• The Police will never ask for your PIN or passwords. Do not give this information to anyone.
• The Police will never request that you withdraw/transfer any money to them.
If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud you can report it online or by telephone 0300 123 2040.